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World's Major Amusement Park Opens Up In Bangkok With Both Boxing And Ski Simulator

There are currently 16 SuperParks around the world and Thailand's location is the third largest. The new indoor activity park opened this weekend at the swanky Iconsiam. Far from just a playground, it's rather a giant 40,000 sq m dream land with over 25 amusement activities, including both our immersive ski and snowboard simulator and a couple of BotBoxers.
Games that are based on motion detection and augmented reality are a hit among tech-savvy kids. The Game Arena, one of the three park's areas, will let them break a sweat in interactive tennis, street basketball, AI-hockey, on a dry ice rink, trampoline or a skatepark.

While some activities are regarded as more appealing to younger visitors, indoor snow sports will be exciting for everyone. Just as well as the AR boxing game — in fact, its reactions are fully adjustable to fit any skill level from a kid to an Olympic champion. Superpark Bangkok even offers team building packages and corporate events for business professionals.
"The park is very Finnish at heart where children can learn through participation," said Mark Kumarasinhe, Asia CEO of SuperPark. "There's no pressure for people to be good at something, all they need is willing to try out new things or things they haven't been doing for a long time."
DECEMBER, 2 / 2019