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It has been a few months now that pretty much the whole world has been quarantined and locked in. But aside from occasional boredom, isolation and lack of choices sometimes bring out the best of our creativity. While some people dive into the world of paint and canvas, or bury themselves in the inspired flow of pen and paper, yet another type of people – like us – prefer to stay on the more active side of life and come up with activities like these. Here we bring you easy-to-follow exercises that anybody can do with or without equipment. Summer is around the corner and with restrictions being slowly lifted, beaches, parks, and other public areas are opening in many cities now. You can always take your workout into a lush park or stay within the comfort of your own domain. It’s time to stop ravaging your fridge at night, and instead meet the summer sun with a big smile and an attitude of a hero. Just like all those healthcare workers, essential workers who put their lives and many working hours so that we stay alive and well, let us express an enormous gratitude back to them and do our part in staying as healthy as possible to ease their burden, shall we?

So, chin up, shoulders relaxed, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. We are about to start our day with the right mindset and body full of oxygen.

If you’ve ever observed a sunrise you would’ve noticed that our Sun takes its rightful time to rise, slowly, yet confidently moving up the softly colored morning sky. It looks like a star of the show who is walking on stage that’s been long awaiting for it. It is a full transition from a calmer, quieter stillness of night into a warmer, friskier time of day. And so does change the state of your brain activity and body functioning. Considering that, next time when you wake up in the morning try not to jump out of bed immediately. Instead, give yourself a little time to realize where you are. It is a new day and today anything is possible. Let your brain and body wake up. Take your mind from the problems of yesterday to the possibilities of this day’s luck. It’s ok to feel stiff, it’s ok to feel stuck. As you breath, focus within and try letting those feelings out with each exhale. Observe your breath for a minute and feel how much lighter it gets.

Another great practice to inhabit in the morning is drinking a fresh glass of water and body stretching. If conscious breathing gently wakes up your brain, water gently wakes up your digestive system which in turn starts getting ready to function at a full speed. After all, your body has been dehydrated while you’ve slept for 8 hours, right? By adopting this practice you’re giving yourself a kickstart for the day. Feel free to add lemon, honey, cucumber etc. to boost the flavor and get some vitamins too. After ingesting the water, do yourself a favor and give those stiff muscles a nice stretch, roll your joints – it’ll feel good. Breathe deep when you extend so that every corner of your body gets oxygen. Remember that you are only warming up and there is no need to be popping your head between your shins just yet, unless, of course, that’s just another Wednesday for you. Yoga in general is a great tool for that. There are plenty of free videos online and everybody can find their favorite. Pick one, follow one, create one – it’s up to you.

Now, that you are more or less awake we can give you a set of exercises that will build your strength, stamina and self-confidence. Depending on your time and preference, feel free to choose the most suitable slot in the day and get to it. It only takes about 15 minutes or less. We all have that time. You are welcome to break them into 5-7-minute exercises if that suits you better. Here’s how we start.

20 jumping jacks

15 squats

10 burpees

Jumping side-to-side rotations
30 seconds: but kicks

30 seconds: high knees

1 minute: side lunges (30 seconds each side)

15 regular crunches
10 forward lunges with each leg

30 seconds: kick crunch

1 minute: skipping without rope

40 second: bicycle crunch
Here’s the set of exercises on the easier side for you to get used to the routine.

  1. Side lunges.
This one is super helpful while tending to your chores because it can kill 2 birds with one stone. If you have a resistance band, wrap it around above your knees. If you don’t have one, no sweat, it’s still a good workout. This one is pretty easy so you can do it for 2 minutes straight or until the laundry is folded.
2.    Sit ups.
This one is particularly difficult for those who are just beginning their fitness journey. Please consider your strength and adjust the weight according to your level. But if you’re not tired after 45 seconds, you might have poured out too much in which case just add back more water into bottles.
3.   Leg abduction crunches

This one is tougher, so do about 45 seconds. We found a sanitizer very motivating in this case. But maybe you’d be reaching for another object – we’ll leave it up to your imagination.
1.     Jab-cross drill

Boxing your toilet paper stack is not as aggressive as it sounds. But it does give you a really nice cardio. In this exercise focus on speed, rather than on the strength of your punches. Make sure your arm extension and retraction techniques are controlled. For a whole minute straight try doing either jab-cross-jab combo non-stop or go to a non-stop fast and rhythmic  jab-cross for the entire duration of 1 minute time. This will knock your breath out so do not neglect the breath work.
2.    Dumbbell squats
This one is particularly difficult for those who are just beginning their fitness journey. Please consider your strength and adjust the weight according to your level. But if you’re not tired after 45 seconds, you might have poured out too much in which case just add back more water into bottles.
3.     Jumps
We stacked some bath tissue rolls high enough to make it a real workout. Try adjusting height up to your knee level and see how you do. It is hard to keep it going so try 40 second at first and see how well you do. Add or deduct time based on your results.
In conclusion we’d like to leave you with a peace of mind that consistency brings great results. Start building your workout routine in the most productive way. Work around your body and it will work for you. Don’t shy away if certain things seem hard at first. It only shows that the more you do it, the faster you’ll build up the muscles. In the end, just trust the process and don’t give up on yourself. You’d be surprised how far you can go.

We’d like to hear your feedback, comments and ideas about what else you’d incorporate for in-home exercising. We, the team BotBoxer, are always happy to hear your stories and to share your success. If you liked this set of mini easy-to-follow workout videos, join the challenge at #HomeExercising, #JoinTheFight, #BotBoxer. You are more than welcome to get more information about the first ever smart interactive robot boxer at Other than that, stay happy and healthy. Till next time!

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