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BotBoxer's Free Training Mode
Get to know more about training opportunities of the interactive punching bag! It has 3 modes, and we'll tell about each of them, starting with the Train mode. In this mode, you design a rival for yourself, playing with its settings, exploring your own abilities, and pushing your own limits.
In free training mode you can adjust BotBoxer's behavior with 5 dials.

????Motion. Controls deceptive motion BotBoxer makes and it's agility.
????Reaction. Set reaction to 1 and any beginner can hit it, at 10 it's almost impossible to get even for a pro. BotBoxer will dodge every singe time!
????Constancy. Is percentage of errors the BotBoxer makes. If constancy is less then 10, just like a human it will mess up once in a while and let you land a punch… or two!
????Sensitivity. This parameter allows you to work on combos. If sensitivity is high the machine will freeze for a second after a punch and you'll be able to land another one right after.
????Distance. You can control the distance at which the bag will see you and react to your attacks.
MARCH, 16 / 2018

Text author: Maria Lannin
Photography: Unspalsh
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