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robotic boxing simulator

Preorder until November 30, 2018 to get 20% off
Includes 18-month Limited Warranty
Tech Specs
Punching bag:
Genuine leather cover
Height adjustable
20 x 40 cm (8'' x 16'')

Computer vision & sensors
3-motor drive system

19" touch screen monitor
4.0GHz 6-core processor
Built-in Hi-Fi audio
User Interface
Free training mode
Drills mode
Fight mode

Comprehensive statistics

User accounts in the cloud

Tech Requirements
Total footprint: 1.55 x 2.74m (5'1'' x 9')
Simulator weight: 240kg (530lbs)
Power: AC 208-240V, 50-60Hz, 7.5A

For U.S. customers BotBoxer is equipped with complementary 110V/220V
step-up voltage converter
When is BotBoxer shipping?
BotBoxer will begin shipping in October 2018. When your BotBoxer is ready to be purchased, you'll be contacted via email. Your deposit will be subtracted from the cost of the machine.

How much does BotBoxer Cost?
The Early Bird price is available until November 30, 2018, and it's $19,990 + shipping.
The base price after June 30, 2018 is $24,900 + shipping.
What's included in the price?
The price listed includes:
1) the machine: robotic punching bag, fencing, drives, monitor and computer;
2) the software;
3) packaging.

Additional expenses are delivery, VAT and any applicable taxes.
Installation and introductory training is optional and can be ordered additionally.
Can I cancel my BotBoxer reservation?
Yes you can. If you decide to cancel your BotBoxer reservation for any reason, contact our Support to receive a refund of your deposit.

What countries are BotBoxers shipped to?
We can ship the BotBoxer to any airport worldwide. White glove delivery is available across the U.S. and EU. Reservations online are now open for U.S. and E.U. only. To reserve BotBoxer for other countries please contact us via email:
Do I need Internet connection to use BotBoxer?
While you can train with BotBoxer offline, we recommend connecting the machine to the Internet (at least 256 kbps) to have access to a lot of useful things: remote software updates, user accounts and statistics, and worldwide ranking.
How do you update the software?
If your BotBoxer is connected to the Internet the software will be updated automatically.
What about warranty?
We have been making simulators for over 10 years and have a good record of building reliable equipment. All machines come with a 18-month Limited Warranty (excluding the punching bag and tension cables as tear and wear parts).
How is BotBoxer packaged when shipped ?
Botboxer is shipped in multiple packages: main base, fencing and parts. The main base of the simulator is shipped on the Euro pallet (size 800 mm x 1200 mm or 31.50" x 47.24") and weights 200 kgs or 440 lbs.
Can I install BotBoxer upstairs?
The main base of the simulator is shipped preassembled on one pallet and weights 200 kgs or 440 lbs. In order to install it upstairs you might need an elevator.
How does BotBoxer help fight elbow hyperextension?
BotBoxer helps practice the right technique in order to avoid hyperextension. When you're used to hitting something that doesn't move — like a regular punching bag — your punching technique is not ready to deal with missing. When you never miss, it creates wrong patterns and makes it infinitely hard to maintain the right position of your arm and elbow at the end of a punch.

Generally speaking, locking out your elbow should be avoided at all times: it must not straighten up completely, as this is a way to injuries and less powerful punches.

BotBoxer creates an experience very similar to a real fight: you keep missing the bag, so you're learning to tense all the muscles at the end of a punch, and a proper technique will lead to less injuries during any boxing training: whether with BotBoxer or a real partner.
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