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BotBoxer – The New Simulator by SkyTechSport
We believe in technology that reshapes the way we train and exercise. We don't rely on pure guesswork. We don't agree on compromises in training or fitness.
BotBoxer was created by SkyTechSport. We are a team of sports fans and pros, tech geeks and dreamers who hate physical limitations. For us, space and time are just annoying trifles that separate talents from achievements and joy they deserve.

Our first cutting-edge product has a worldwide footprint. SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator is a professional snow sports trainer used by the U.S. Ski Team. The machine recreates real physical forces of snow sports and features state-of-the-art virtual reality system.

An absolutely realistic experience helps learn to ski and snowboard and practice indoors, all year round, and from any location. By now, thousands have tried this high-tech way of mastering winter sports in a safe environment, with the help of accurate data. SkyTechSport made indoor training just as thrilling as the real thing.

BotBoxer, too, is a blend of our sports competence and technical expertise, boosted by passion and commitment. We believe that obstacles and restraints are just a spur to innovation. Both ski and snowboard and boxing trainers mark a breakthrough in training and workout.

A good boxing gym is not always next door. Great martial arts coaches are few and far between. Shadowboxing and ordinary bag work won't prepare you for a real fight. It won't make you faster and won't train quick hidden punches. And no human coach can be available 24/7.

On the other hand, the entire gym equipment industry has been stagnant for over 45 years. Machines have transitioned from black to gray but treadmills and bikes still have the brain of a calculator!

We believe that our mission is to change it. BotBoxer is a robotic punching bag, which has reaction unattainable even for world-class athletes. No other equipment can train speed and power of your punch at the same time. We believe that it is more than a cutting-edge training machine, but a new paradigm for martial arts, a new-era approach to striving for stellar results.

U.S. Ski Team Members, Mikaela Shiffrin, two-time Olympic gold medalist, Andrew Weibrecht, Olympic silver medalist and River Radamus
Youth Olympic Gold medalist are training on SkyTechSport Ski & Snowboard Simulator
The Story of Two Simulators
Ski simulator idea was conceived

SkyTechSport brand was created
Launch of office in Munich, Germany
SkyTechSport releases a custom graphics engine that runs ski trails on a giant multi-projector screen

Ski & Snowboard Simulators were sold to over 20 countries
Launch of SkyTechSport's U.S. office

The idea of a boxing simulator was conceived
SkyTechSport releases new Downhill Pro Simulator with replicas of real World Cup racetracks
The first working prototype of BotBoxer was completed

Launch of office in Beijing, China

SkyTechSport becomes an official partner of
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Olympic Team

Launch of office in Seoul, South Korea

Partnership with PSIA-AASI to produce official simulator training materials
Release of cloud user interface for the ski simulator to enable online racing and world-wide ranking

Launch of office in Japan
March 2018
BotBoxer was presented to the public for the first time